Talent Sourcing 

As a large internationally operating company you not only need talent today. You need to ensure a constant flow of talent, with exceptional talents flowing into your trainee programs and key R&D positions continuously. With our access to top level talent from Iran and our referral method we can help you get a constant influx of talent that meets your exact needs. We can supply talent that match your requirements as we find them, or work with you as sourcing partner to build a steady supply line.

  Search & Selection

For R&D positions and especially hard to fill (technical) vacancies finding the right candidates can be challenging. Sourcing talent from outside the EU is often the answer. Bron has access to an exceptional talent pool for science and engineering disciplines. Just send us your search profile. Through our network of professors we can quickly find you exactly the candidates you need.

  Relocation Assistance

Most of our clients have relocation desks in-house. And they will all they you relocation assistance is a very country or even region specific service. As we have the experience with relocation from Iran and knowledge and network in Iran we are happy to assist your office and your new employees in the relocation process. Together with specialized partners in Iran and the Netherlands we can help you with any issue you may encounter, or take care of the process altogether.

Why source talent from Iran?

Iran is a unique country for various reasons, most relevant of which it has a combination of a very young population with a very high level of education. Today 5 million students study at undergraduate level or higher. Every year in the past 5 years the percentual increase of graduate and doctorate students has reached double digits and is set to continue. In addition to this Iran’s top universities are becoming well known for the increasingly high level of competency of their science and engineering departments.

Given the large number of Iranian graduates highly motivated to pursue an international career Iran is a notable source of talent for any large company. Add to that the compensation gap between Iran and Europe, no campus recruitment cost and the fact Iranian students do not leave university with a large dept. Sourcing talent from Iran is not only a good alternative but a very cost effective way help ensure your companies supply with its’ leaders of tomorrow.

Iran in Numbers

Population: 80M+
60% millennial population
5M university students
60.000 PhD students
54 state universities

Our candidates

Recommended by professors
100% motivated
Visa eligible
References confirmed
Diplomas confirmed
Interviewed by us

How we work

At Bron we take great care to source only the most qualified and motivated talent for future leadership positions with out clients. We do so trough our local network. All our candidates come recommended by leading professors. Even the candidates who apply with us directly are evaluated trough our local sources.

When we introduce our candidates to you they have already gone trough our 4 step procedure:

  1. The candidate is recommended to us and we receive his/her cv. The cv is evaluated in collaboration with professors from our network.
  2. We personally interview the candidate. Locally or by video conference.
  3. We speak to all references (min. 3) the candidate has supplied, verify diploma’s and other cv information.
  4. We present the candidate with the opportunity we think would be the right match. We ensure the candidate is motivated and committed before we introduce him/her to you.

Through this process we do not only help you gain access to an important source of top talent. We make sure non of your recruitment resources are wasted and get you directly to the candidates you want to interview.

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