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Bron ITS is a young niche agency. We specialize in sourcing top graduate talent from Iran. From a virtually untapped talent pool of millions of graduates we identify, select and empower the very best talent. All candidates have at least one science or engineering master degree from a top university and typically zero to five years post-graduate experience. Additionally we select top candidates based on soft skills and motivation.

At Bron we believe in a personal approach. We take great care in understanding our clients needs and business, simply by taking the time to listen. Similarly we interview all our candidates personally before they enter any selection procedure so we understand their motivation and ambitions. This is how we can always make the best matches while providing both sides with an optimal experience. Personal, effective and transparant.

Meet our team

Ronald van der Burg  /  Partner

As an entrepreneur Ronald first visited Iran on a trade mission in 2016. Although there for water management projects, Ronald was quickly impressed with the abundance of young talent. As time progressed and his network in Iran expanded, so did the idea of matching Iranian talent with business needs in The Netherlands.

Combining broad experience in entrepreneurship, management consultancy and business analysis with a passion for young talent allows Ronald to turn business needs into opportunities for ambitious young candidates.

“I just love seeing young ambitious people get a chance to bloom”

Ronald is an experienced professional with a practical and personal approach. “I believe in personal relations, so I invest in them. Business can be challenging at times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be kind and respectful.” Ronald is also known for his ability to come up with creative solutions to any problem. A talent you will likely experience first hand when working with him.

Amin Jalali  /  Partner

Amin is what you’d call an expert by experience when it comes to relocation, having experienced the process first hand. After completing high school in Iran Amin studied abroad and finally emigrated as knowledge migrant. After living in various countries in Asia and the EU Amin settled in Amsterdam.

With a Masters degree in Business Innovation and a solid track record in operations and management Amin has excellent insight in what your managers need from their candidates. Yet he is not afraid to suggest ideas based on his own experience.

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree!”

Being multilingual and multicultural himself, Amin is ideally situated to match European businesses and Iranian candidates. He knows what is needed to succeed in an international business environment. And working with Amin you’ll find he is quick to turn his experience into practical results.



Business is international. So is talent. When their ambitions are matched up beautiful things happen. 


We take the time to understand both. Personally. Backed up by professional procedures and results. 


We identify, select and empower the best Iranian talent for our clients based on their needs. 

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