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Source the best non EU talent now. We help you source exceptional science and engineering talent for hard to fill vacancies, R&D positions and trainee programs. Just send us your your search profile and we’ll start sending you candidates.

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vacancy ID: BR1809-DE001 Introduction Do you get motivated by complex technical challenges? Do you have the capabilities to come up...

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At Bron we regularly receive requests from clients to supply candidate profiles for individual vacancies as well as trainee programs....

Who we are

We are a niche agency specialized in sourcing top graduate talent for trainee, R&D and engineering positions.

What we do

We find the most talented graduates from Iran’s top universities and select the most motivated candidates with the set of soft skills to match their ambitions.

How we work

We only work through our referral network. We personally interview candidates, check references and diploma’s and ensure visa eligibility.

Source the best talent

Hiring the very best talent is challenging on a good day. In an economy running at full strength finding scarce high potential science and engineering talent is a though challenge for any company. This is why we source talent from Iran. Through our network we offer you access to the most talented and motivated candidates in the country.  All of our talent hold at least one MSc from a top university while many hold a double degree or PhD. Often accompanied by multiple honors, verified research projects and publications. Through personal interviews our candidates have also been verified to have strong motivation, strong command of the English langue and the soft skills needed for a successful international career.

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Jumpstart your career

Do you have a MSc or PhD from a top Iranian university, 0 to 5 years work experience and are you highly motivated to start an international career? Start your future today by sending us your cv. We match you to the very best employers and the most interesting and challenging starter positions.

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Our Services

Candidate sourcing

Do you need a strong supply of candidates for your trainee programs? Or permanent access to highly skilled talent for R&D positions? We have both a network and a database to source the candidates that meet your exact needs.

Search & Selection

Do you need qualified and motivated candidates for your ‘hard to fill’ positions? Send us your search profile and we will find you the very best talent. From theoretical physicists to nano technology engineers. We’ve got you covered!

Relocation services

For all of our placed candidates we can offer a full range of relocation services. From the immigration procedure to (temporary) housing and beyond. We work with selected and experienced partners to offer a smooth and effortless experience for all involved.

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